Tuesday, April 17, 2012

New EP 'Songs Lost In The Fire' Released.

I say released, "released" in it's loosest term, ie available over at Bandcamp and added to the music page of stevenprobinson.co.uk. And as I openly support music kleptomania, it's even available for download for free here in zipped up format.

It is a raggy doll collection of songs. Christmas Tree is my first crack at a christmas song, an ode to an artificial christmas tree. Factory Settings is a brand new song I've already put out there, probably the best thing on here. Half Illuminated is a digital treatment to a song I recorded on the analog tascam a few months ago. Sweet Amy is an old song but I never quite got it right even though I actually recorded at Uptown Recording Studio, so this is my third and final attempt - I threw some reverb on the vocals to stop them sounding so flat. Weeping Willows I'm not sure how to describe, it's an instrumental I had in mind. I find it quite chill, your dog may not agree!

Speaking of dogs, Chase is the star of the album cover, Chase and fire that is!

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