Monday, February 6, 2012

My musical comings and goings...

Though my blog doesn't attest to it I have been fairly busy over the past couple of months music wise. Firstly in a moment of grand nostalgia while shopping with my good friend Neil Woodman who was visiting the windy city at the time, we came upon a Tascam MK II analog 4-track, the same model I first bought 17 years ago. It was my first ever recording purchase and I cut my teeth on it for a couple of years before moving on. So retro as it may be, and impractical too, I have regressed to tape at least for initial demos. The first of which is a new song called 'Half Illuminated' which I have already begun to give the digital treatment to so watch this space for that version.

As a lover of motion pictures, the next natural step for my music was to add video. It began tentatively enough with a quickly edited video for 'Set To Slow You Down' where people look to be having far too much to the sound of my tunes. Then overwhelmed with festive cheer I created my very first Christmas tune, an ode to a Christmas Tree (an artificial one at that). I recorded the song and it can be found here , but I accompanied it with video, the Mise en scène involving a Christmas Tree naturally, myself and an impromptu appearance from Chase.

Christmas Tree

Set To Slow You Down

Santa was pretty good to me despite myself and I now have a Studio Projects C1 microphone. It really is something else and may even make me sound not too shabby! So expect some recordings soon with this new weapon in my armory.

I have begun work on a new EP which I think is going to be a raggy doll collection of songs so I have given it the title 'Songs Lost In The Fire'. It will include 'Christmas Tree', probably both versions of 'Half Illuminated' (if I manage to complete the digital version and make it stand out from it's analog twin), a new song called 'Factory Settings', an instrumental called 'Weeping Willows' and then either I'll re-visit an old track called 'Sweet Amy' or 'Out of My Tree'. I doubt I can do the latter because that'll be too many tree references for one record, sort of why Mother Natures Son and Child of Nature both couldn't be bed fellows on the White Album! I also have a cover version up my sleeve but I don't want to give too much away about that yet. At my pace I figure 6-8 weeks to wrap this up, but the EP cover is already done so that's pushing me along!

Finally also got round to updating with the new sounds, videos and a couple of old photos to boot.