Wednesday, March 26, 2014

New EP 'Songs For a Room' released into the ether!

With little fanfare, I embarked on a new EP around about July of 2013 which, a little overdue, is finally released over at Bandcamp so please check it out. The delay lay squarely at the fact I chipped a bone in my thumb late last year and the broken thumb debackle rendered me pretty useless, more so than usual, for about the sum of three months. But all is well now in thumbland and I was able to pick up where I left off, completing and mixing the EP for a March 11 2014 release.

The new EP is four brand new songs and the orphaned 'To Be Free' which was initially released February 2013 completing the picture. The mood of the EP is somewhat intendedly schizophrenic, opening up fairly gleefully and shifting down the gears from there. A smack of falsetto here and there (you have been warned!) and some ethereal backing vocals as I attempt to step out of my vocal comfort zone.

Some of these songs favor playing live, so I am hoping this release kickstarts a renewed vigor for performing and will be looking for opportunities in the coming months to embrace the stage.

Listen below, comments always welcome, feared on occasion but welcome! ;)