Monday, July 29, 2013

Covers EP Released!

So I get round to posting it about here but I completed my first covers EP 12 days ago entitled 'Songs Borrowed Vol#1' and launched it into the social media world to little frenzy! It's the first installment of two EPs of covers I had planned before the end of the year.

After much procrastinating I knuckled down and really started to approach this more diligently two months ago. There is real heartfelt responsibility when working on songs other people have written, but I feel I have dealt with those ghosts and am pretty content with the versions I could muster. I have been performing Childstar live for over a year now so it was long overdue for me to cut a version of that. The difficult pea in this pod was Shangri-LA by The Kinks which caused the most sleepless nights not least thanks to Dave Davies harmonies which are pretty ridiculously high. Couple that with such an extravagant arrangement that cries out for a band, I had to strip the song down, change key and pull in some backing vocal favours to get it into the shape it's in today!

I built a mini-site for the whole project here, so please check it out.

Here is the infamous cover art, just me and my buddies hanging out in the woods.

Download full EP .zip file