Tuesday, April 17, 2012

New EP 'Songs Lost In The Fire' Released.

I say released, "released" in it's loosest term, ie available over at Bandcamp and added to the music page of stevenprobinson.co.uk. And as I openly support music kleptomania, it's even available for download for free here in zipped up format.

It is a raggy doll collection of songs. Christmas Tree is my first crack at a christmas song, an ode to an artificial christmas tree. Factory Settings is a brand new song I've already put out there, probably the best thing on here. Half Illuminated is a digital treatment to a song I recorded on the analog tascam a few months ago. Sweet Amy is an old song but I never quite got it right even though I actually recorded at Uptown Recording Studio, so this is my third and final attempt - I threw some reverb on the vocals to stop them sounding so flat. Weeping Willows I'm not sure how to describe, it's an instrumental I had in mind. I find it quite chill, your dog may not agree!

Speaking of dogs, Chase is the star of the album cover, Chase and fire that is!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

FatCat Demo Re-shuffle

So the kind folk over at FatCat Records who used to host demo's they liked on their own site, have done the old digital re-shuffle and moved everything over to SoundCloud. They hosted from me I Couldn't Offend You If I Tried, Amputations and Dead As Stone, and in this re-shuffle two out of the three fell by the wayside but they still host probably the best of the three 'I Couldn't Offend You If I Tried' at the below url. The other ones can still be unearthed on my music page www.stevenprobinson.co.uk/music.html

My Demo Page http://soundcloud.com/fatcat-demo/steven-robinson-i-couldnt

The Demo Archive http://soundcloud.com/fatcat-demo